alien occupation

artist statement/

"Alien Occupation" explores the alter-ego as a response to hegemonic forces, when agency works at cross-purposes to cultural ideology, the inescapable social rules impede one's effort to exercise it. A subjugation accepted, inherited or otherwise. Subconscious scripting, performances with a finite range of improvisations, walking the same path, continuously reinforcing the past. "alien occupation" is an experimental video connoting a dissociative experience.

Medium: videoart
Duration: 00:01:07
Created: 2016

Subject Matter: hegemony + agency, cyclical patterns

Aspect ratio: 16:9
Digital file type: .mov
Recording format: HD
Sound: Yes
Colour/ B&W: Colour
Language: -
Subtitles: No
Close Captioning: No
Funding Sources: Ontario Arts Council

Camera & audio : J. Ramlochan
Sound & visual editor: J. Ramlochan
Production location: Toronto, Canada
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