cyoa rhythms

artist statement/

“CYOA Rhythms” is a 2-channel video installation exploring ’alien nation’ themes — aliens, alienation, alien integration — which characterized and catalyzed the mindscape and soundscape of the Caribbean, and subsequently Caribbean carnival cultures. Similar themes have been mirrored in the US-UK inner-city immigrant communities of the 70s-80s where rap and hip-hop became the locus of inner-city social transformation. The video installation takes its aesthetic cues from the scratch video movement — video collage projections in 80s London/NYC nightclubs, constructed from popular TV, imbued with politically subversive meaning. An exploration of issues of post-memory and intersectionality through intertextuality, this work examines cyclical repetition in migration, globalization, community friction and artistic intervention.

Medium: 2-channel video installation
Duration: 00:08:00
Created: 2014

Subject Matter: identity (re)construction, urban transformation

Aspect ratio: 4:3
Digital file type: .mov
Recording format: SD
Sound: No
Colour/ B&W: Colour
Language: English
Subtitles: No
Close Captioning: No
Funding Sources: Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts

Cast: J. Ramlochan, J. Carter
Visual editor: J. Ramlochan
Production Location: Toronto, Canada
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installation instructions
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